Non-Profit Events

Are you an executive director or assistant for a small to medium non-profit who has had to take on the role of event planner?  Do you feel it has become harder to juggle all your job responsibilities and create events that meet your fundraising objectives?  At TeNeil Hartley Events our goal is to remove the stress and pressures of planning inspired and cost effective events and allow you to get back to managing your organization and focus on sponsorships and fundraising.  No matter the size or budget, we will help you create an event that not only stands out, but runs more smoothly and will be memorable year after year.  

There are very few people we admire more than those who work to create a world we can all be proud to live in.  We find the passion of the dedicated employees and volunteers of non-profits intoxicating, and love being able to use our talents to be a small part of their success.  

We realize that each organization will have varying degrees of need, and tailor our services to fit your specific non-profit and event.