6 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

By Jennifer; TeNeil Hartley Events Contributor

Oh My God!  It finally happened, the moment you’ve dreamt of for years, and it was as romantic and thoughtful as you imagined.  So now that the partner of your dreams has proposed, all of those visions and plans for your big day have come flooding back, only now, you have to bring them to life…that’s a lot of pressure! Fear not, you’ve come to the experts!  Below is a guide to get you through the first couple exciting weeks and steps to ensure the perfect day you’ve always dreamt of.

Photo Credit:  Jake Holschuh

Photo Credit: Jake Holschuh

First things first, the ring!  Aside from adoring and gazing at your ring, it’s important that you insure it right away.  Perhaps your fiancé (oooh, isn’t that fun to say?!) has already taken care of this task, but if not, this should be a top priority.  This extra step will be crucial if ever your ring or stones need repair or in the unfortunate event that your ring is lost, stolen or damaged.  We recommend having your ring appraised by a certified gemologist (this service is often provided upon purchase of the ring) and then speaking with an insurance adjustor.  Make sure you are clear on what is covered and how long claims take, etc. before committing to an insurance company; oftentimes, you can add a jewelry rider to your existing homeowners or renter’s policy.

While on the topic of the ring, you want to make sure that it fits you comfortably, and if not, have it sized right away, especially if it’s super loose.  You’ll need a perfect fit for your photos which is why we also suggest a post engagement manicure!  As expected, everyone will be dying to see the ring and between show offs and photos, you’ll want your hands to look their best.  If you’re not into polish or manicures, make sure your hands look filed and groomed, at the least.

Speaking of photos, it is important that you and your fiancé are on the same page about your announcement style.  With social media reaching everyone and everything, all it takes is one congratulations on your wall or a picture that shows your ring without you realizing, and the whole thing is blown!  If you just want everyone to know right away, call your parents (and best friends) and let everyone else learn from the photos.  If you’re hoping to surprise everyone, an engagement party is always a fun way to kick things off.  One thing to remember, make sure everyone invited to your engagement party is invited to the wedding.

This next step is likely the most important- set your budget.  You and your fiancé need to make some decisions regarding the length of your engagement followed by size, date and time you’d like to have your wedding.  Obviously, if your wedding day plans are ambitious, you may need a longer engagement.  If you’re ready to get the ball rolling right away, you need to determine your budget, if your parents are contributing and what your priorities are for your big day.                 

Chances are, you’ve picked out an amazing venue for your wedding, and it’s likely that others think it’s fantastic too!  Once your budget is set, spend some time really discussing your vision for the day with your fiancé: Do you want a daytime, sunset or evening wedding?  Band or DJ? Buffet or plated dinner?  Once you get those wheels turning, as well as a ballpark headcount, you can narrow down a venue that can make these dreams come true, and then book it, fast! 

Between all of this planning and discussing, it also important that you enjoy your engagement and celebrate the reason you are doing all of this.  Don’t let the process of planning your wedding bankrupt you or cause rifts between you and your partner.  Remember, you have all the time you need and you’re in this together.  To avoid wedding planning stresses and roadblocks, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner for the day of, month of or the entire process. Oftentimes, having a wedding planner can save you money in the long run, as they will likely know what and how much you need of everything from dance floor space and tables to wine glasses, tables clothes and dinner rolls; there is no guessing.  Additionally, they have relationships with the vendors which can be very helpful in the planning and day of to-dos.  More to come on this next time. 

 In the meantime, Cheers and Congratulations.