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That's why now, my team and I infuse that same spirit of legacy and service into each and every event we plan.

Those experiences taught me that regardless of a gathering's size or outcome, extraordinary memories unfold every time people come together. And these lasting impressions can only happen when thousands of details come together too.

Prior to founding TeNeil Hartley Events, I managed private events, weddings, and food & beverage operations for concerts at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. When I wasn't overseeing a private concert for 10,000 Microsoft employees or delegating some musician's last-minute green room demands, I planned non-profit events so I could give back to the community.


Advocates for Legacy and Service

Who We Are

- Shamirah

She was the most authentic and kind person we met through the [planning] process, [and] was so supportive through all the hurdles we encountered along the way. It takes a special type of person to care about their clients in the way that TeNeil does.

“Authentic & Kind”

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Every client and guest deserves to feel valued and represented. So we embrace diversity and inclusivity. We create events that celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, and tailor our proposals to do the same. And we foster an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the experience. All so you never have to question whether we are LGBTQIA+ friendly.



Your event is one-of-a-kind and requires a personalized approach. That's why we'll listen to your ideas, concerns, and questions to create a warm, supportive environment. And an experience that ensures every aspect of your event is infused with thoughtful and personal details.


Over the past 20 years, our commitment to honesty has fostered strong partnerships, allowing us to create events that authentically reflect our clients’ visions and exceed their expectations. That's why we'll keep you well-informed throughout the planning process and provide straightforward communication. With honest feedback and real-time access to our planning tools, you will always remain in the loop.



The Heartbeat of Our Approach

What We Value

- Nina

TeNeil is great because she is confident, responsible, incredibly kind, and authentic. You're going to have things come up during your planning process - and when you do, you'll want TeNeil by your side!

“Confident & Responsible”

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My signature look includes a high bun and a simple black dress. This means you can expect me and my team to dress professionally so we blend in–rather than stand out.

Just call me Audrey Hepburn.

I even went to barista school because caffeine isn't just fuel–it should taste good too. So feel free to share your favorite order, and I'll bring one for you too.

I bring coffee for my team at the start of every event.

This means I have multiple pairs of shoes in my car, so my feet never tire while ensuring everything behind the scenes plays out smoothly.

When I leave an event, I change my shoes for the 5th time.

As a native, I know the Colorado mountains just as well as the vendors who work here. This means I am intimately familiar with every little detail of planning a Colorado event–even the weather.

You can find me adventuring in the mountains when I'm not planning events.

Because I lost my dad and little brother, I found creative ways to include them in my wedding. So if you want to honor someone special during your event, you can rely on my support and assistance.

I have a soft spot for parent dances at weddings and for couples who have lost a loved one.

Specifics About TeNeil


- Caitlin

TeNeil was thoughtful, transparent, incredibly knowledgeable, and put my mind at ease during the planning process.

“Thoughtful, Transparent, and Incredibly Knowledgeable”

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